About SIAB

SIAB is Super Insulated Airtight Buildings. The company was formed in 2016 by Peter Healy and Martin Murphy who have extensive experience in the construction industry.

We build insulated panels to create warm airtight cosy structures. Using our panels, you can create a continuously insulated floor, roof and walls with minimal cold bridging. Our systems are built under factory conditions, enables us to manufacture panels and joining splines with exacting tolerances, ensuring that each piece fits together perfectly.

The system is fast, economical and ecologically sound, our panels are sandwich construction using moisture resistant OSB3 for trouble free erection on site, glued and pressed to graphite enhanced polystyrene giving 20 percent more thermal efficiency compared to standard insulation using quality polyurethane adhesive with excellent high heat, water and chemical resistance. An airtight envelope can be achieved without the need for a costly continuous airtight membrane due to the panel system design which also contributes to a great deal of savings in time and labour notwithstanding its superior strength compared to traditional construction.