We also have a list of all prices and u-values whether used as a wall or roof.

SIAB Panels are pre-engineered, insulated, load bearing panels, which form the exterior envelope of the building.

The strength of all connection details and components that tie SIAB Panels to all other structural elements must be selected to ensure adequate vertical and horizontal load paths within the structure.

The specification and design of these items must be determined by the building engineer responsible for the stability of the building – please refer to our installation manual which can be found here.

In general SIAB Panels do not incorporate lintels. In some cases lintels will be required below high point loads. This should be determined in the design process.

SIAB Panels are packaged for weather protection. When they arrive on site, they should be stored on level blocking raised above any wet floors and ground. They must be protected from rain, snow or morning dew. By taking these measures, the panels will be easier to install.

Panels are joined together using splines. The panel joints must be structurally fastened to ensure the integrity of the panel system.

The panels should be used in accordance with local Building Regulations and legislation. They should be designed and detailed to suit all relevant applicable building standards including (but not limited to) structural bearing, waterproofing, ventilation and fire-proofing. These requirements may vary depending on use – if in doubt ask. Best practice technical detailing can be found in our Construction Manual.

SIAB Panels are composed of expanded polystyrene insulation laminated between 2 sheets of OSB (oriented strand board).

SIAB Panels accept no responsibility if panels are used structurally and have not been designed for the purpose or detailed correctly.